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Vegas Vecchio (they/them), BFA UW 2022

August 2022-Present

I enjoy interpreting the essence of MOJAM through a loose and colorful painting style done live at the event! My paintings are typically stylized portraits of the featured artists and their instrument of choice. My partner Nox and I also have a booth selling a variety of stickers, film prints, original paintings, and more! I am currently learning how to tattoo and have many exciting projects coming up in 2023. I am inspired by the Seattle art, music, and queer scene breathing in the creative talented community Mojam brings together every Monday.  I am so honored to be a part of the Mojamily! <3 

Joffrey. Commissioned 25x30" Oil Painting on Canvas. Portrait. SOLD. December 2022.

Self Portrait. 19x22" Oil Painting on Canvas. Portrait. Not for Sale. June 2022.

Art By


Art By 

Charles Xavier-Moss

RIP 1972-2022