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Embark on a cosmic odyssey as 75+ musicians and artists of diverse styles and levels unite in over 10 bands of strangers. Witness their spontaneous on-the-spot creation of songs on stage, fueled by an innate groove developed in the womb near the mother's heartbeat. This powerful connection resonates with the heartbeats of 150+ Mo' Jamily members each episode, releasing an energetic creation that surpasses the speed of light. As it reaches the beginning, it echoes with an "Omm," celebrating the creation of 4k+ "Mo' Jam is Yo' Jam" original tunes. Brace yourself for a transformative journey through the universal language of music.

Every Monday since 2013 from 7:30pm~11:30pm 

At Nectar Lounge in Seattle

412 N 36th st

Now we are in the middle of making a documentary!

Suzanne McAuley, the director of the Mo' Jam Mondays Documentary, shares the vision!


^^Here's our episode on Band in Seattle!^^

Embarking on a cosmic odyssey, we transcend the boundaries of creativity by weaving together the talents of over 75 musicians and artists, each representing a unique style and skill level. These extraordinary individuals are harmoniously united, forming more than 10 bands of strangers who fearlessly embark on a musical adventure. With a captive audience of over 150 new and returning Mo' Jamily members, we witness the birth of pure musical genius in real-time.

As the stage becomes a sacred space, a profound connection emerges. Drawing from the depths of their souls, these gifted performers tap into an innate groove that resonates with the very rhythm of life itself. This cosmic heartbeat reverberates throughout the venue, intertwining the heartbeats of all in attendance. The resulting symphony of unity and harmony transcends mere sound, transcends time and space.

In a breathtaking display of vibrant energy, the music radiates a resplendent purple hue, symbolizing the all-encompassing embrace of diversity and inclusivity. This explosion of creative force, faster than the speed of light, ignites a universal Big Bang of artistic expression. It ripples through time, carrying the echoes of its magnificence to the very origins of existence.

As this celestial symphony reaches the dawn of creation, it resounds with a profound and resonating "Omm." This primordial sound, the essence of pure existence, reverberates through the cosmos, celebrating the creation of over 5,000 awe-inspiring "Mo' Jam is Yo' Jam" tunes. These sonic masterpieces, borne of collective inspiration and boundless imagination, become a testament to the indomitable spirit of human connection and creative exploration.

Prepare to be swept away on a journey that transcends the ordinary, as we unlock the boundless potential of artistic collaboration. Join us as we venture into the uncharted depths of the universe, where music becomes the catalyst for a transformative experience that defies description.

We put 75+ musicians from all levels and styles into 10+ BANDS OF STRANGERS on stage, in front of 150+ Mo' Jamily members every Monday and they MAKE UP SONGS ON THE SPOT!

Mo' Jam #345

The crowd is always bumpin!

Mo' Jam #389 with King5 News

The goal of this event is to bring leaders and newcomers from each musical and art facet together, eventually expanding the event internationally and bringing this platform of unity across the nation and abroad, signing up 10-15 brand new bands of strangers in a single night to make up new songs together, unlike an open mic there are no covers played unless the featured artist chooses to play one in their 18 minutes of a feature set. We aim to bring this event into other cities across the globe. 






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The Venue

Nectar Lounge

412 N 36th St

Nectar Lounge in the Heart of Fremont, is the largest indoor/outdoor music facility in the PNW, holding the largest jam session in the PNW and possibly the world!